Upcoming Classes

I'm proud to share my passion for photography & all things photography-related at the
Invermere Campus of College of the Rockies
Following are upcoming courses offered through their campus.
Click here for registration information, or email me with your questions at info@kimberleyrae.ca.
Contact COTR at (250) 342-9221 or send an email to  invermere@cotr.bc.ca to book your class!

Private & Semi-Private classes are available upon request.

Fireworks, Night Photography and Painting with Light
Just in time for Christmas and New Year’s! Learn to capture events and Light Up, shoot houses in their finest Christmas dress and showcase the New Year’s firework display. It’s all about long exposures, bursts of light and warm glows in low-light conditions. Students are required to bring tripods and adjustable/SLR cameras. Warm clothing is a must as we will be shooting outside.
Dates to be Determined, one evening 6:30-9:30pm/ $39+ HST

Photoshop Element 8.0 For Beginners
Want to organize and enhance your photos without using complicated software? Adobe Photoshop Elements is what you need! Discover the basics of this exciting software. Learn how to organize your digital shoebox of memories into albums; explore tools that allow you to make simple enhancements and quick fixes to your photos.
Students should have basic computer & file management skills (or Cameras, Cables & Computers) and the Photoshop Elements 8 or 9 software versions installed on their computer. Software is available for purchase online at adobe.com
Dates to be Determined, 4 evenings 6:30-9pm/ $145 + HST

Camera, Cables & Computers
You have a digital camera full of beautiful photos- but how do you get them onto your computer? Learn to transfer files from your digital camera or other media source onto your computer. You will also learn how to copy and move your photo files, rename the files, and create folders and subfolders to help organize your memories! We will cover printing, emailing, slide shows, and show you how to transfer images from your computer to a CD or other media storage for back-up or for printing!
Students should have a digital camera with USB cable and/or a memory card reader and a computer running on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or 7. Bring your camera & cables to class!
Date to be determined, one evening 6:30-9:30pm/ $45

NEW! Photographing your Artwork
Every artist needs to keep visual records of their work—and whether you plan on selling your art right away or keeping it for years, you should always have up-to-date images ready to share. Join Kim Sanderson as she covers the importance of light, colour, texture, shadow and focus when photographing your works of art. A must take for all artists!
Date to be determined, one evening 6:30-9:30pm/ $49 + HST

NEW! Still Life Photography for Home and Business
Work on composing your still life photography and refining lighting skills.  Learn to "make" pictures rather than "take" them.  Learn to create images for your home or business; perfect for websites and marketing material.  A great workshop for artists & business owners who sell product online.  Bring your camera and manual to class!
Dates to be determined,    9:00 AM - 12:00PM/ $49 + HST

NEW! Wintertime Adventure Photography
Explore the art of landscape photography while enjoying the great outdoors in winter.  You'll be out in the fresh air learning photography tips while enjoying the Columbia Valley trails on snowshoe!  Bring your camera and creativity to class!  You'll need to dress to hike, bring a snack and drink.  Snowshoe rentals available, $10.
Dates to be determined,   1:00 PM - 4:00 PM/ $49 + HST

Conquering your Camera
Are you confused or uneasy with the operation of your SLR camera (either film or digital)? Perhaps you could use a “refresher” on photography basics?
This course allows you to acquire knowledge and skills in operating an adjustable camera, allowing you to take better control of the camera and make better photographic decisions. You’ll learn about: shooting modes, exposure, depth of field & motion control; lighting awareness & flash usage; and ideas for effective photographic composition. Digital file types and sizing will also be explained.
Please note the final class includes an outdoor field trip! Students should bring their cameras (and the instruction manual for the camera) to all scheduled classes. A SLR (Single Lens Reflex camera with interchangeable lenses) is required for this course.
Dates to be determined, 3 evenings 6:30 - 9:30pm and Saturday 10am - 1pm / $180 + HST

Contact COTR at (250) 342-9221 or send an email to  invermere@cotr.bc.ca to book your class!